Dr. Johannes Weyer

"Social Network Analysis - Concepts and Methods"

Scope and subjects
Social network analysis (SNA) aims at understanding the processes of interaction and coordination within social systems, be it small friendship networks, large communities (e.g. within the academia) or strategic alliances of different partners (e.g. in research and development). The qualitative approach distinguishes the network mode of coordination from markets and hierarchies, while the quantitative approach develops measures that help to identify positions of individuals within networks and to analyse the structure of the whole network.
The workshop will give an overview of different SNA approaches – both qualitative and quantitative – and will also present different methods of SNA, ranging from static measures to dynamic models, which allow for investigating the dynamics of networks, too.
1. Introduction
2. Networks, Markets, Hierarchies
3. Empirical studies
4. Governance and Complexity
5. Methods of SNA
6. Software for SNA
7. Experimentation with Gephi
8. Data Networks in the Age of the Internet
9. Final discussion